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EVENT 2008:
I am Yuko Gulda and I would like to take the opportunity to present my project. My sincerest wish is that August 8th should become officially a world-wide ATOMIC BOMB MEMORIAL DAY.

The annual event is recorded on a DVD and was called by its Japanese name, GENBAKU NO HI. It took place at the United Nations International Center Vienna. We owe our gratitude to the NGO Committee on Peace Vienna and UNIS Vienna for the realization of this memorial event.

For quite a long time, people in many cities all over the world have been holding events that commemorate the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

There are marches throughout the towns holding candlelight or the candles which are placed in paper lanterns and floated down streams and rivers – all in an effort to keep this tragic loss of innocent life in mind. Some have evolved into beautiful, spiritual annual ceremonies, almost goodwill celebrations.


Let us, however, not forget the profound horror, the terrifying facts of nuclear weapons. And the most frightening fact of all is that THEY ARE STILL WITH US, AND THE DANGER REMAINS ALL AROUND US EVERY DAY AND NIGHt. We must always be aware of this present reality, as we commemorate that terrifying loss of life so many years ago.

I protest against the existence of nuclear weapons anywhere in the world. Therefore I strongly wish that the commemoration day shall be recognized in the near future as GENBAKU NO HI or the world-wide ATOMIC BOMB MEMORIAL DAY.

Further speeches were held by:
Tarique Rauf – Representative of IAEA,
International Atomic Energy Agency Vienna
Stephan Heissler – IAEA Vienna,
Permanent Mission of Austria to the UN Vienna