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EVENT 2012

GENBAKU NO HI 2012 – took »WHITE RIBBON« as a sign mark »against violance!« and expresses the hope of a world in peace.

The visitors folded Origami cranes; in Japan it means, folding 1000 cranes (sembatsuru) helps to heal a pacient.

This August 8th event is not only to memorialize Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima, but to promote awareness of the danger of atomic bombs and energy all over the world.
»Genbaku« in Japanese refers not only to the bomb, but to every kind of atomic explosion.

Developments in science are, of course, fascinating and amazing. And these days economics is on everybody's mind. And it is ironic that we think of helping victims of economic tragedies while at the same time the weapon sales account for such a large part of many economies.

Somehow, something is basically wrong-headed.
We seem unaware of the fact that in our attempt to conquer nature, we are risking our own destruction.
For we too are a part of nature, and as part of the natural world we should respect and protect life everywhere.

This year we have a white ribbon for you.
Show it proudly, for it is a symbol of our stand against all violence to nature and that part of it that is mankind.

All my hopes are for a world at peace. Peace be with you all! Thank you.