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We all wish for a peaceful, healthy world.
But the sad truth is, that year after year the world suffers war and famine. These horrible events could be avoided if humanbeings tried harder to live in harmony with themselves and nature.

Probably the worst thing we do is the massive production of weapons of every kind imaginable. Among these weapons, the most fearsome are nuclear devices. And as we have seen, even nuclear power plants can be deadly.

We must remind ourselves every day of these weapons menace through activities such as our annual GENBAKU NO HI event.

GENBAKU NO HI should become a worldwide movement. On August 8th everybody in the world should commemorate the deaths and destructions that have come about through the use of nuclear weapons. To help make this possible we are conducting a campaign to collect as many signatures as we can on a petition.

peaceful healthy world

I have been working on the GENBAKU NO HI movement at the United Nations in Vienna since 2005. This year, we rang the »Peace Bell« at the UN and dedicated silent prayers thinking of the disaster in Fukushima.

And as our main event of this year, we have been campaigning to collect signatures for the petition. This is why I am visiting you today at the Vienna International School. I wish to send my message directly to you, the next generation.

I believe that it is my generation's duty to pass the Earth onto you without harming it, or you, as much as possible.