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yuko gulda

Good afternoon ladies & gentlemen.

Welcome to the 11th anniversary of the GENBAKU NO HI Atomic Bomb Awareness Day ceremony.

This day, August 6. memorializes the first use of an atomic bomb, one that annihilated the entire city of Hiroshima and its mostly civilian.

Three days later, on August 9th, another was dropped on Nagasaki.

And this year is the 70th anniversary of those historic tragedies.

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Péricles Gasparini
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Laura Widela
Yuko Gulda Atomic Bomb Awareness Day 2015

Before we start the ceremony, I would like you to be aware that we have changed its name.

It used to be called GENBAKU NO HI Atomic Bomb Awareness Day, but from now on we will use “VEREIN“ to emphasize that we are an association.

For now, I head the “Verein” and the secretary is Ms. Silvia Boehm, the treasurer is Mr. Herbert Friesacher, and the deputy treasurer is Mr. José Conde Correa.

Furthermore this event enjoys the generous support of Mrs. Yukika Kudo, Mrs. Hisa Enomoto, Mrs. Yoshie Maruoka and Mrs. Ruiko Friesacher.

And finally, I wish to express special thanks to Vienna's 22nd district DONAUSTADT which has supported Genbaku no Hi Awareness Day for many years.

For those of you interested in becoming a member of the “Verein” itself, I'd like to direct your attention to the Origami Corner where you will find more information about the “Verein” as well as petition forms which we would greatly appreciate you signing.

I don't think it's necessary for me to describe the condition of our world in regard to weapons of mass destruction.

We're all aware of it, and maintaining the dream of world peace coming some day becomes ever more difficult.

Let me close simply by reading the sentence from the petition we wrote in 2010 with the advice of the Austrian Delegation to the United Nation.

The danger of atomic power like an atomic bomb or nuclear power plants is always with us. We are trying to establish an international day GENBAKU NO HI which should promote our awareness of the situation that we live in the middle of such alarming surroundings. It is our duty to leave a better world and to save our beautiful earth for our children.

Thank you again for attending this ceremony.