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yuko gulda

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to the 2017 8.8 Genbaku no Hi event at UN Vienna.

Today, I would like to offer a personal message.

Year by year the world situation is getting worse than ever; wars, natural disasters, the rise of so many governments run by dictators. Perhaps greed and the world economy are the main causes of many of these cruel situations.

Moreover, today's distracting technology is amazing and engaging, but what we really need to pay more attention to than anything else is just “to live”.

"To live," we need air, water and unpolluted earth. I believe the preservation of the natural world is the most important thing we need to live well. It is this nature, along with its plants and creatures besides our own specie that presides over the god or gods of any religion.

For a few years now, I’ve been inviting young people to take over this event. What I’ve done has actually been for their wellbeing and for the generations after theirs. Since the world will belong to these generations, they are responsible for insuring it’s better place than we've left them.

So, today will be the last Genbaku no Hi at the UN Vienna.

Yuko Gulda Atomic Bomb Awareness Day 2015

As for me, I’ll be dedicating the rest of my life to my music activities and to continuing my humanitarian activities which began in 1968 and grew into these Genbaku no Hi events. My humanitarian activities began with a tiny donation box labeled “Be Human” which I carried around as I accompanied my husband, Friedrich Gulda on his worldwide concert tours. The “Be Human” activities gave me opportunities to meet other people who wanted to help the less fortunate.

One thing which I have kept saying was “Be aware and sensitive to the needs of others".

And it is with this message, I’d like to finish this 8.8 Genbaku no Hi Event at UN Vienna, as I resign my leadership of the Genbaku no Hi movement. My hope is that the young people who inherit this program will retain this attitude as they improve the movement going forward.

Now, from the bottom of my heart, I simply want to thank you, and everybody else who has helped me over or so many years with their support of the Genbaku no Hi event.

Thank you.