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10 YEARS ...

It's been almost 10 years since I first approached the NGO Committee on peace in the United Nations Vienna to propose that we cooperate in establishing a GENBAKU NO HI initiative.

And with this successful unification we have gathered here again this year to observe the August 8th GENBAKU NO HI ceremony at the U.N.'s Peace Bell.

Our aim back then was to set up this day as an international memorial day that not only commemorates the victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, but to call for the non-proliferation of all nuclear and mass destruction weapons. We also wanted to attract international awareness to all of the dangerous situations threatening world peace in the world today.

GENBAKU NO HI means "the day of the atomic explosion", and I would like to emphasize that we are still living in a world threatened by arsenals of atomic weapons. Just like earthquakes and other natural disasters, an atomic explosion might occur at
any time.

Meanwhile, here in Vienna, the spiritual practice of praying for the atomic bomb victims has been performed for the last 30 years, when a Buddhist memorial was erected here. The chanting of Buddhist hymns in front of the Saint Stephan's cathedral on every August 6th (the day the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima) and the floating of paper lanterns on a river (to commemorate the bomb dropping on Nagasaki) has gone on here for that long.

It may take time, but I believe the day will come when the world will join us in this GENBAKU NO HIobservance.

I further hope that you will all be signing the GENBAKU NO HI petition which you will find in the "origami" corner today. And I will appreciate your cooperation in passing this petition on for your family and friends to sign.

Thank you.