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Ladies and gentlemen,

Today’s GENBAKU NO HI (Atomic Bomb day) is the day, which brings back the horrible incidents, caused through the launch of the nuclear bombs. In the last days of the second world war about 140000 humans died in Hiroshima und about 70000 in Nagasaki. A trauma cut into the civilization and let a scar behind. Decades after the end of the war people are suffering and dying on cancer and leukaemia due to the long term consequences.

War, terror, dictatorship, hate and violence are still part of the daily routine in many countries. When politicians in great countries consider, that the battle about the basic materials of the future might be fought also with military means, therefore giving this atomic bomb day much more impact.

We here in Austria are in the fortunate position having a life in peace almost the last past sixty years. This is not a matter of course, but it requires a daily appearance against hate, violence and intolerance from persons, who act responsibly.

The 22. district, Donaustadt, plays a role with great commitment. More than 15 years Donaustadt is well associated with the 22. district of Tokio, Arakawa. We consider this partnership as a very important contribution for the international understanding, to the encounter of cultures and the co-operation for a better world.



Every year teenagers from the Donaustadt visit Arakawa and vice versa teenagers from the Japanese city coming to Vienna in the 22. district. Also the partnership between colleges are part of this co-operation. And when students from the elementary school Donaucity and Kaisermühlen have produced cranes as a symbol for a peaceful world, using the old Japanese art of origami, than this is a pretty beautiful sign for this bond.

Todays Atomic bomb day remind us of the victims and urging loudly all political decision makers, that the world is always on some crossroads, one way which leads to culture and civilisation and the other one into barbarism.

Standing here in front of you today and having this speech, is a great honour and makes me proud, because I am lining myself up with politically acting persons, who are fighting for the abolishment of nuclear weapons.This list is a long one and filled up with prominent names! Politicians and persons, who are aware that the future of humankind must be free of nuclear weapons! So, if we are not able to abolish the atomic bomb, we run the risk that mankind will be abolished through a bomb.

Finally I want to thank everyone who has organized and contributed to this event, my special thanks goes to Mrs. YUKO GULDA, I salute you for all the efforts you are doing to boost this case! Thank you Mrs. Gulda, I am admiring you from the bottom of my heart.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you for your attention!